uzumaki (uzumakisama) wrote in kh_scribbles,

[20] Jam Session

Spoilers: Not really.

So what if the other Organization members made fun of him?
Heartless or no, these little guys not only liked his music, they made a radical light show.

The Band:
Red Nocturne (KH1)
Blue Rhapsody (KH1)
Yellow Opera (KH1)
Green Requiem (KH1)
Black Ballad (KH: Final Mix)
Crimson Jazz (KH2)
Emerald Blues (KH2)
Silver Rock (KH2)
Tags: black ballad, blue rhapsody, crimson jazz, demyx, emerald blues, green requiem, heartless, organization xiii, red nocturne, silver rock, uzumakisama, yellow opera
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Demyx is like a Disney Princess... only with sitar... and horribly horribly annoying heartless instead of little birds!
XD!! You win!
*death by cute*
I love his little sitar and how you drew it. Pretty colours. And the other Org. members I 'could' see enjoying some of his music would be Axel, Marluxia and maybe Roxas.

cutest. thing. EVAR.

I loved those little musical wizard Heartless ;_; I want plushies of them T_T
adorable ^^
lol, that's adorable!
and Uzu did a good job too.

*requisite Demyx icon usage*
Ooooooh, so cute!!!

Do Roxas, do Roxas!!!


If this is number 20, where are the rest?

OhgodIhavetohavethemall.Soocute. ^_^
Oh my gosh! The cuteness. XD *loves*
why no updates? ;___;
Lol!! It's so kawaii! ^_^
is KH scribbles closed for good? ;___;
D: No, we've just been busy~