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svrikusorasbedtime.jpg [Sunday
1:25am January 7th]

[ mood | artistic ]

Okay, I whipped something else out. *kicks the other artists on this comm* I hope I'm not just speaking for myself when I say that we're sorry we're slacking. Anyway. Here's a picture from uzumakisama's and my co-write called Something Velveteen. I'm sure some of you have heard of it, and if not, go read it :D [/shameless advertisement]

WARNING: Shounen-ai ahead!! If it's not your thing, don't look.

Bedtime~ ♥Collapse )


o6 - iHeartless [Tuesday
8:08pm December 26th]

[ mood | amused ]

Dear God, no one's updated here since May! I shall break this with a new scribble that I did on my new tablet. :D Gotta break the ice here. Yeah, and no I haven't gotten around to doing shade on my coloring stuff, so it probably looks odd, but hey.

o6 - iHeartlessCollapse )

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[20] Jam Session [Tuesday
5:14am May 23rd]

Spoilers: Not really.

[20] Jam SessionCollapse )
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[19] The Underdogs Prevail [Monday
3:14am May 22nd]

Spoilers: FF and Disney characters (nothing surprising, really) in KH2.

[19] The Underdogs PrevailCollapse )
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4:30pm May 19th]

Spoilers: Just a heartless~

[18] NitpickyCollapse )
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[17] Clean-up Crew [Thursday
6:04pm May 18th]

Hurrah for summer! Here's a new comic.

Spoilers: None! :D

[17] Clean-up CrewCollapse )
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o5 - Who's in Charge?! [Friday
8:37pm April 14th]

[ mood | artistic ]

Warning: KH2 GENERAL SPOILERS. In other words, they mention this throughout most of the game, so... sometime after the second visit to Hollow Bastion would be safe for viewers.

o5 - Who's in Charge?!Collapse )

'Cause if I were Sora, I'd be just a little bit irritated, too...
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rikusketch [Thursday
12:23am April 13th]

[ mood | busy ]

This one's a sketch I also did during business class. Nothing special.

Warning: KH2 spoilers, although if you've watched Deep Dive or Another Side, Another Story, then no spoilers at all.

SketchCollapse )
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o4: Ballad of Tragedy [Wednesday
11:58pm April 12th]

[ mood | sleepy ]

It's been a while. Sorry, guys.


o4: Ballad of TragedyCollapse )
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Riku-zilla. [Saturday
2:23am April 8th]

It is 2:20 in the morning, I am bored, and I am very angry because I have no PS2 and have not played KHII, or even seen anyone play it.

That still does not explain this.Collapse )

**Chama uses revive elixir on kh_scribbles**

**kh_scribbles is healed**
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o3: Which to Feed? [Wednesday
9:42pm February 1st]

[ mood | nervous ]

:O Sorry it's taken a while? This isn't colored, and was something I sketched in class... Hope everyone likes?

o3: Which to Feed?Collapse )
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.Riku, profile. [Saturday
12:20am January 21st]

[ mood | restless ]

Riku, profile sketch.Collapse )

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[16] Magical Shoes [Friday
12:25pm January 13th]

[16] Magical ShoesCollapse )
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Thanks for 101 Watches! [Tuesday
5:31pm January 10th]

kh_scribbles hit 101 watchers the other day. Thanks so much for taking interest~

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[15] So Demanding [Monday
4:35pm January 2nd]


Filler comic until I make more~

[15] So DemandingCollapse )
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